2014 Memory Lab venue in Budapest

MemoryLab – Photography Challenges History

14 November 2014 – 12 January 2015

In 2014, the European Month of Photography (EMoP) celebrates its tenth anniversary. 2014 is also the year in which Europe commemorates the outbreak of World War I. For this reason, partner cities have collaborated on a joint exhibition on the history of the 20th century.

Burdened with a fraught historic legacy, which includes the two World Wars, the Yugoslav Wars, and the challenges of integration within Europe, artists participating in these exhibitions, organized in various European capitals, explore the histories of their native countries and reflect on subjective experiences in order to help us gain a deeper understanding of the official accounts of the past and its repercussions.

2015 Memory Lab at Casino, Art Forum Luxembourg

2015 Memory Lab – Photography Challenges History at Casino, Art Forum Luxembourg

As part of the 5th edition of the European Month of Photography in Luxembourg, Café Crème asbl is curating “Transit / Memory Lab – Photography challenges History” at Casino, Forum d’art contemporain Luxembourg. “Memory Lab “is divided into four parts according to the different venues in Luxembourg.

Casino Luxembourg Forum of Contemporary Art shows Memory Lab III: subtitled Transit, with works by Adrian Paci, Aura Rosenberg and Vladmir Nikolić .

Memory Lab venue in Luxembourg at Mudam 2015

Memory Lab: Ré-écritures
La photographie contemporaine, surtout dans son développement post-photographique, fait émerger des artistes qui questionnent l’image en tant que médium. Plutôt que d’inventer de nouvelles images, ces artistes se servent de la photographie pour  « ré-écrire » et /ou « re-présenter » (présenter autrement) les événements historiques  et politiques en s’appuyant souvent sur des représentations existantes, tout en faisant y apparaître des traces personnel...

Memory Lab venue in Luxembourg at Cercle 2015

The photographs of this exhibition refer  – when you consider history – to very different conflicts: Its the trenches of the first world war that are the subject of Jonathan Olley’s photographs. Henning Rogge is spotting the remaining craters of the Second World War in the German provinces. What these works have in common – if you compare with the photographs of Tatiana Lecomte and Sarah Schoenfeld – is that all images refer to conflicts that are not really or only partially vis...

“Memory Lab” in Vienna at the MUSA

Memory Lab. Photography Challenges History Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna

Tanja Boukal (A), Steven Cohen (ZA) & Marianne Greber (A), Marcell Esterházy (H), Anna Jermolaewa (RUS), Noro Knap (SK), Tatiana Lecomte (F), Andreas Mühe (D), Erwin Olaf (NL), Gábor Ősz (H), Marija Mojca Pungercar (SLO), Aura Rosenberg (USA), Lina Scheynius (S), Juraj Starovecký (SK)

In 2014, the European Month of Photography (EMoP) not only celebrates its tenth anniversary; the network also welcomes a new partner, the Athens Photo Festival. As Europe commemorates the events of a hundred years ago, the partner cities have produced a joint exhibition that takes the visitor on a voyage into a turbulent and violent century of history.

Memory Lab venue in Luxembourg at MnHA 2015

Contemporary photography considers past events – be it the wars of the last century or the more recent conflicts and social tensions – not with the eyes of a journalist or historian. It has, of the Second World War or the pre-war period, a vision that combines fascination and distancing. On recent history, including the Balkans, it adapts the look of an impromptu traveler who is ready to meet the traces of what is left of historical events.
History provides the scene, the setting; but there is alr...

Memory Lab venue in Berlin at Gropius Bau 2014



How do photographers and artists today represent historical events, defining cultural characteristics and the changes they undergo, and social relations? How is memory formulated, and how do we resist forgetting?