Emop Meeting Vienna

The next meeting of the EMOP board is scheduled on May 18th in Vienna to discuss the topic of the next common project. This will be a curators meeting. Major changes are also ahead in member cities as Paris moved its festival to Spring 2017 ( instead of Automn 2016 ) and renamed it “ Photo festival of Greater Paris ; its director Jean-Luc Monterosso will retire next year. Berlin will have to decide on a new curator for its local exhibition project in 2018 ( October ). Budapest presently seems to split into two festivals although there is hope that both will come together in Automn this year. Vienna will know later this year if the exhibition space MUSA ( which hosted all EMOP exhibitions these the last years ) will integrate the Vienna History Museum or  keep its independence. In any case, near all board members will meet in Luxembourg end of April for the opening of the European Month of Photography.