Olaf Erwin


“Since the early 1980s, I have been visiting Berlin on a regular basis, both for work and leisure. As astonished as I was then that it was possible to surround a city by a wall, even to divide it into two parts, recently I have been equally astonished how rapidly this city is shaping up as the centre of Europe. Berlin is a city in motion; the current political and economic situation in Europe more and more turns Berlin into the centre of Europe. This has become visible and palpable over the last decade in particular. At some places in Berlin, it feels like you are standing in the eye of the cyclone. Everywhere visitors are looking directly into the eye of a rich and sometimes also dark past. I have weaved the topic of power, with which I am captivated since I started making photographs, into this theme, by juxtaposing children to adults.”

Erwin Olaf