Gerhes Gabor

Neue Ordnung

At the room installation Neue Ordnung,  Gábor Gerhes – one of the most important figures of contemporary Hungarian conceptual photography – introduced into conspiracies of an imaginary secret society. The members of this fictive society featured works can be labeled as Jesuits, Illuminati, Free Masons, Communists, Terrorists or even Extraterrestrials.

The artist traces his own reconstructive methodology and the rhetorics of conspiracy-theories to prove with his photos, trophies, and souvenirs that there is a world-wide secret society that is much bigger than individual countries and governments and which firmly controls the economics of the world with the only real goal of gaining dominance and colonising and enslaving all nations.
Gerhes’s series is first and foremost about hatred, the true ancient passion of humanity, about the way man always needs someone to hate in order to explain his or her confusion about the world, the dispair of his or her petty existence, and the miserableness of his or her own vulnerability. The Neue Ordnung – the new order – is the order of hatred and aggression, the glory of dominance. At this austere and enigmatic, yet often transcendental work, Gerhes pries into the nature of the relationship between the individual and the prevailing powers that be.

Áron Fenyvesi