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Scheynius Lina


Having left a successful model career her to stand behind rather than in front of the camera, Lina Scheynius has since become a hot, to-be-watched talent within the emerging art scene, having shot for the likes of AnOther Magazine, Dazed & Confused, British Vogue, Double, Exit, Elle US, and Numero Korea, to name a few. Luminous and ethereal, her imagery is a combination of frank sexuality and delicate, even fragile intimacy. With an innate and unique eye for detail and beauty of quotidian moments, she is known for her heartfelt ‘personal diaries’, which comprise of seasonal series of her everyday life, Scheynius’s photographs are intimate and personal, while her philosophy toward the medium becoming apparent exposing a true connection between the photographer and her subject.
In 2012 Scheynius has a weekly column for ZEITMagazin , following in the footsteps of Jürgen Teller.”

“In 2009 I received an email from a design studio in paris called Be-Poles. They were working on a series of very special pocket sized city guides. Each city would be documented by a photographer in any way the photographer found inspiring. I could chose any city I wanted to and stay there as long as the budget allowed me to and come back with whatever photographs I had been inspired to take. This sounded like a dream project to me so I immediately said yes.

I had  been focused on photographically documenting my life as a form of diary for a few years when their email arrived. A lot of the images I had taken were intimate pictures of me and my friends and life. I wanted this city guide to be a continuation of that work.

I quickly decided I wanted to make my city book about sarajevo. I had never been to Sarajevo. I didn’t know anyone there, and am not sure I knew anyone who had ever been there either. Being only 11 when the war broke out it had etched itself into my memory in a strong way, and I imagined that those vivid images that I still had of it were very far off from contemporary sarajevo. I wanted to see what the city looked like today and hopefully offer others, who like me also might be stuck with the 90s images of a war torn city, a new view on it. It seemed like a massive challenge, and I wanted one.

Me and my ex boyfriend packed our bags and set off to spend three weeks in the city in december 2009. For three weeks we walked around the city, talked to people there, tried to understand what had happened and what was happening today. I had my camera with me the whole time and photographed all corners of the city I found interesting. I also stayed true to my diary project and spent a large amount of my time in the city photographing myself and my boyfriend and the hotel room we stayed in and a close friend of mine who joined us for a few days. It was important for me that the book was an extension of the diary project that I was already working on. Important that it was my private experience of sarajevo and my time there.

The Sarajevo book was published in 2010 and have been sold in bookshops all over the world, and the images have been shown in a number of galleries.”