Starovecký Juraj



The Iron Courtain in former communistic Czechoslovakia meant until 1989 an unbreakable barrier. People who tried to trespass the border were killed on spot or arrested and put in  jail for many years treated as  political enemies. Border zones where access was strictly denied, has been in many places wide up to 7 kilometers. However, few brave people with all their ingeniousness and resourcefulness has successfully trespassed the border without being revealed. The performance of Juraj Starovecký is taking place directly in the former “forbidden zone” in Czecho-Austrian border near the town Slavonice which were in the boarder zone, where only few people from outside were able to enter and the local people were taken to schools by cars and buses but were otherwise isolated. The performance is a reaction to this isolation. The video on one hand lightens this topic but on the other hand draws attention to the memory that is still there. It is a topography of an inner land of man. „If man´s life is considered as a journey then the man travels through some land which exists in every one of us and which has a specific rules. There are many different crossroads  and interactions with the environment on this journey. I am trying to examine this inner land.“