The Month of Photography Budapest is managed by the Association of Hungarian Photographers. Its art concept has become an organic part of the Hungarian photo scene. The main purpose is to show the many facets of photography and to invite a larger audience – not only professionals – to participate. Photography is also considered in relation to the visual arts. In 2012, The Month of Photography has joined the organization European Month of Photography (EMoP) which unites European photo-festivals.

The Hungarian Month of Photography also follows the trend to include venues which – alongside the traditional exhibition spaces – involve and enliven urban  space and environment that have been less popular or have been used for other than exhibition purposes. Audiences are invited to discover some of the hidden treasures of the city.

The biennial Hungarian Month of Photography festival follows international trends with a structure and programming that is partly experimental partly traditional. In 2018 the world’s leading contemporary art events put emphasize on the concept of collaborative practice. Especially curators who invite several art professionals to develop a common approach to a theme of a festival. Even if  a curator of the Hungarian Month of Photography 2018 considers the present and future of photo-based art from his own viewpoint he also influences and reflects on other’s work.

In 2018, curators Lili Boros, Máté Dobokay, Kati Simon, Anna Szigethy, Zsuzsanna Szegedy-Maszák and Zoltán Tóth Balázs chose different directions and attitudes in their approach to photography. This year’s festival is marked by both tension and migration between the generations and the media. What is shared is an adherence to the human scale, the study of micro-worlds, intimate moods, and the creation of casual atmospheres. The possibility to manipulate and virtually recreate the human body is a hot topic in this digital age, and is addressed in some of the festival’s exhibitions, as is the concept of alienation.