The Association of Hungarian Photographers organizes the Month of Photography for the 10th time. The program has become the organic part of the Hungarian photo-life. The main purpose is to show the multicolourous content and implements of the photo, also to popularize not only on professional forums, but also among those who are interested in the visual arts.

The Month of Photography has joined the organization European Month of Photography (EMoP) in 2012, which unites the European photo-festivals. In 2012 partly, in 2014 we are in complete collaboration to establish the events, which appears simultanously in cities to guide attention to the ambitions of the contemporary photography.

The conception of the Month of Photography 2014 has been formed by the Hungarian organizers adjusted to the suggestion of the EMoP: examining the problematical questions of the recollection of history. Therefore organize we the Hungarian events around the topic of the usage of the archives which scans the alternatives of the usage and re-interpretation of the historical documents (written, objective, musical) reflecting in the creations of the contemporary photographs. In the programme organized by the Month of Photography 2014 itself, will be presented monumental collective exhibitions – in connection with the intended themes – , smaller scaled exhibitions – fitting to the topic and also conversations, accompanying programs in purpose to help the intensification of the interpretation. Of course we comprise exhibitions with other conceptions in term of the multicoloured themes.



2014 Budapest openings

In November 2014, the Hungarian Month of Photography 2014 festival opened for the tenth time in order to direct the audience’s attention to photography, especially to contemporary photographs by the means of several interesting exhibitions and programs. That year the festival also participated in the activity related to the European Photo Months. Budapest is a member of the  “European Month of Photography network since 2012 ”.