AWARD 2012 / 2013

The main sponsor of “EUROPEAN MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY ARENDT AWARD” is Arendt-Medernach law firm.

The European Month of Photography Arendt Award award will be granted every other year to one visual artist who is part of the common exhibitions the network is curating throughout Europe. The award is sponsored by Arendt & Medernach.

The Arendt & Medernach award was to be presented for the first time in Luxembourg in 2013 and was granted to Dionisio Gonzalez out of the 26 artists of the exhibition project “distURBANces”. “distURBANces” has been curated by the seven partner cities of the „European Month of Photography“– Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Luxembourg, Paris and Vienna – as a challenge to the traditional notion of what is “real“ in a world characterized by continuous transformation. It was exhibited in Berlin, Bratislava, Paris and Luxembourg in 2012/13 and shown in Ljubljana in 2014. All 26 artists chosen for the catalogue will be presented to the Jury consisting of four “distURBANces” curators, Gunda Achleitner (Vienna), Paul di Felice (Luxembourg), Katia Reich (Berlin) and Jean-Luc Soret (Paris), and Oliva María Rubio, exhibition director of Spanish “La Fabrica“:The winner was given  the “EUROPEAN MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY ARENDT AWARD” and an amount of 5,000 EUR. The works were exhibited in the exhibition space of Arendt & Medernach’s headquarters in Luxembourg.


Dionisio Gonzalez









In his huge photographs Dionisio Gonzalez invents new urban structures inspired from existing places like the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo or the periphery of Buzan. Instead of the often-seen dramatic depictions of these megacities, housing millions of people, Gonzalez presents alternative survival strategies. His projected heterotopian spaces, as defined by Michel Foucault, give us multiple layers to imagine new urban and architectural situations.

Out of a long list of 26 artists, nominated by the curators of EMOP in the framework of distURBANces (the common project of the seven cities of the network), the winner has been selected by an international jury composed by Gunda Achleitner, curator; Municipal Department for Cultural Affairs of the City of Vienna; Paul di Felice, curator, coordinator of EMOP Luxembourg; Katia Reich, curator EMOP Berlin; Oliva Maria Rubio, Director La Fabrica, Madrid; Jean-Luc Soret, curator Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris.

The jury selected Dionisio Gonzalez for his innovative and social-political engaged work that extends the dialogue of contemporary art, photography, architecture and environmental ideas.

The jurors stated that Dionisio Gonzalez’s work reflects “the pertinence of the artist’s achievements in relation to the theme, high photographic quality, as well as a coherent artistic approach.”