Looking for the Clouds

“Looking for the Clouds, contemporary photography in times of conflict”  - our new book project accompaning the exhibitions 2016 (Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna) and spring 2017 (Athens, Luxembourg)  - was kick-started some days ago after the latest meeting in Vienna on January 25, 2016. Not less than 50 artists (photography and video projects) will make up for a more than 20o pages book on recent developments in the field of photography around the crisis that erupted out of 9/11.

New corporate identity adopted

An important aspect on the agenda of the most recent meeting with our partners of the EMoP (European Month of Photography) last week in Bratislava in the Central European House of Photography, was a strategic one. We were seeking for a better harmonization of  the communication strategies of eight cities hosting a festival on photography. The proposals made by Naroska Design have been adopted by all cities. Thus, in September Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna will adopt a similar design for posters, ...

25th Month of Photography Bratislava

This year the Photofestival in Bratislava is celebrating its 25th year of existence.
The oldest and most prestigious of the Middle European photography festivals, Mesiac Fotografie, is celebrating its 25th edition. Vaclav Macek, today director of the Central European House of Photography, is the founder and director of Fotofo, the organizing group that lead to the formation of a permanent center of photography in Bratislava. Before Fotofo and FotoFest had collaborated for many years.
Curators and artist...

EMoP presence at ViennaPhotoBookFestival

EMoP is showing up the the ViennaPhotoBookFestival 2015. The ViennaPhotoBookFestival is Europe’s largest festival focusing on the photo book, initiated by Anzenberger Gallery and OstLicht. Gallery for Photography. It takes place for the third time this year, on June 20 and 21, 2015 at Brotfabrik Wien. Due to the festival’s cooperation with Superar and Photon Gallery, more than 1,000 m² will be available for the 80 participating international booksellers.

Openings in Luxembourg

Near all members of the Emop network showed up in Luxembourg during the opening week from April 22 to 25th.( see all venues ) On this picture, the group visits the Mudam exhibition of Memory Lab: photography challenges History part one. On this picture Christophe Gallois of mudam ( left ) gives some explanations to group members and invited artists.Thomas Licek from Vienna takes some pictures in the background, former MEP Paris representative Barbara Wollfer, Adrian Paci, Musa Vienna curator Gunda Achlei...