The Athens Photo Festival is organised by the Hellenic Centre for Photography, and is a leading international festival of photography and related media in Southeastern Europe. Exploring critical issues relevant to our times, the festival works within an international, national and local context, encompassing a variety of activities designed to reflect the diversity of contemporary photographic practice, and to create opportunities for exchange of ideas, artistic expression and international engagement. At...


EMOP Berlin
European Month of Photography Berlin is the largest German festival for photography. Since 2004, it has been taking place every two years in Berlin, presenting a wide range of exhibitions and events on historic and contemporary photography. The festival is organized by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH in collaboration with museums, cultural institutions, galleries, embassies, project spaces, and photography schools in Berlin and Potsdam.
On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, EMOP Berlin has a...


Mesiac Fotografie: 25 years

This year we can talk either about a quarter-century of  existence of the Bratislava Month of Photography or about its 25th edition. On the one hand, we highlight the weight of the event though it´s only a quarter; nevertheless the entire century is mentioned, as if we hoped that there is still three-quarters of the journey ahead of us, and that the we are part of a larger whole to which we belong and with which we identify. On the other hand, in mathematical terms, the routineness of the numerical seqence is emphasized; there is no difference between the number 7 or 25 or 41. One year is no more important than any other year, they are equal.


The Month of Photography Budapest is managed by the Association of Hungarian Photographers. Its art concept has become an organic part of the Hungarian photo scene. The main purpose is to show the many facets of photography and to invite a larger audience – not only professionals – to participate. Photography is also considered in relation to the visual arts. In 2012, The Month of Photography has joined the organization European Month of Photography (EMoP) which unites European photo-festiv...


Photonic Moments

Photon Association was established in 2003 in order to present and promote artists and their practices from the Central and especially Southeast Europe, who are in particular active in the field of contemporary photography and artists’ moving image.

A special attention is paid to the international activities of Photon. Therefore the organisation has established close professional ties with some of the leading European photo institutions and festivals in order to create and maintain a strong international collaborative programme.



Café-Crème asbl is a Luxembourg not-for profit association founded in 1984 . Directors are Paul diFelice and Pierre Stiwer. The association manages the European Month of Photography festival in Luxembourg.
Recognized as of public interest, Café-Crème asbl is funded regularly by  the Ministry of Culture since 2006. For more than 10 years (1984 – 1997), Café-Crème has published an art magazine with a particular focus on photography distributed internationally in chosen Museum bookstores in Europe...


Le Mois de la Photo à Paris
Founded in 1978 at the initiative of Henry Chapier, Jean-Luc Monterosso, Marcel Landowski and Francis Balagna, the association “Paris Audiovisuel” is at the origin of the International Biennial Month of Photography in 1980, whose public success helped to create a special relationship with the City of Paris which – over the years – has become the first partner and financial supporter of its initiatives.
At the end of the 80’s the association “Paris A...


FOTO WIEN – Month of Photography
Called until 2017 Eyes On – Month of Photography Vienna , the festival was managed by Thomas Licek and the MUSA team. Since then Kunst Haus Vienna took over, the festival was renamed Foto Wien and is taking place from March 21 to April 20, 2019 giving up the traditional November biennale.
The Month of Photography Vienna was founded in 2004, initiated by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and offers a platform for institutions, photographers and ar...