Looking for the Clouds catalogue 2016

“Looking for the Clouds, contemporary photography in times of conflict”  – our new book / catalogue accompanying the exhibitions of the Emop network in Bratislava and Vienna 2016  ( spring 2017 in Athens, Luxembourg)  – is out. Not less than 50 artists (photography and video projects) will make up for a more than 20o pages book on recent developments in the field of photography around the crisis that erupted out of 9/11.

“Looking for the Clouds” is hinting at the great expectations refugees and immigrants  might have when reaching for the shores of Europe after the 9/11 aggression developed in a full war in the Middle-East with a lot of consequences worsening the then also existing financial crisis and economic turmoil in some European countries. The refugee crisis brought many countries to the brink of explosion as an after-effect of the wars in the Middle-East. War on terror also meant more surveillance and control on ordinary citizens. Il also meant new war-strategies of which drones are just an aspect. And watching the clouds can therefore also be an expression of fear.

Artist in this book – and for most of them –  in one or the other show in the eight member cities deal with this topic. The catalogue will be lavishly illustrated. Articles will be written by well-known experts in the field of photography.