New corporate identity adopted

An important aspect on the agenda of the most recent meeting with our partners of the EMoP (European Month of Photography) last week in Bratislava in the Central European House of Photography, was a strategic one. We were seeking for a better harmonization of  the communication strategies of eight cities hosting a festival on photography. The proposals made by Naroska Design have been adopted by all cities. Thus, in September Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna will adopt a similar design for posters, catalogues and website. The new logo – which will be the same for all the festivals – will be placed next to the logo specific to each festival. Indeed, despite the need to show more coherence,  it was not our intend to eliminate the characteristics of each city; some are organizing a festival for 25 years and more. Our aim was primarily to provide a better readability of photo festivals in Europe and to see the connections that are made between the various cities that work together now for 10 years.There are some concerns: the Paris Photo Festival recently shifted its festival from November to spring 2017. The name changes also. We are therefore not sure how Paris will be able to adopt the proposals to the group as their own redesign was decided some months ago already. We’ll see.