Mutations I

None of the seven artists selected for the “Mutations I” exhibition represents the world head on. Each one approaches the world as if it were now impossible to base a pertinent approach simply on recording it. How can we interpret this break with traditional photographic postures? What is in play through these mutations of the photographic image goes well beyond mere aesthetic and formal questions. Digital retouching or editing processes, the use of stylistic figures of parody or fiction aim to defy the limitations associated with the mere recording of reality in order to approach it in a way which is more strategic than frontal and more constructive than representational. By breaking with the representational function traditionally assigned to photography as well as with the established order of dominant imagery, the artists gathered together here invent new modes of the visible and what can be said. A response to the classic, frank posture of photography when faced with its subject comes in the form of sophisticated im-postures which radically question our relationship to the world.

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