Under the title “Rethinking Nature/Rethinking Landscape” the curators of the European Month of Photography network focus on the representation of nature in contemporary photography.

Exhibition projects in relation to this theme will be exhibited during the photo Festivals EMOPLUX (Luxembourg), CIRCULATION(S) (Paris) and IMAGO LISBOA (Lisbon) in 2021 and at FOTO WIEN (Vienna) in March 2022.

From about 40 artistic positions, proposed and reviewed by the festival curators, five outstanding emerging artists were selected and nominated for the EMOP Arendt Award 2021.

The EMOP Arendt Award is a prestigious award established in 2013 for emerging visual artists with strong artistic ability and an evolving photographic practice.

For the artists, the nomination includes a presentation of their works at the above-mentioned festivals and a special monographic publication.

During the festival EMOPLUX Luxembourg in June 2021 all five nominees will be presented together in an exhibition at the headquarter of Arendt law firm, the Arendt house, where also the winner will be announced.
In Paris a selection of the exhibition will be shown during the festival CIRCULATION(S) in spring 2021. In October 2021 the nominees will have a show in Lisboa during the IMAGO LISBOA festival. In March 2022 at FOTO WIEN in Vienna the five artist will be presented in a Joint exhibition.

The prize is endowed with € 6,000 and is donated by the Luxembourg law firm Arendt.

Alongside the exhibitions artist books of all five artists will be published.

About Arendt:
Arendt is an independent law firm based in Luxembourg, with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New York and Paris. Since 2013, Arendt has been affiliated with the European Month of Photography through the sponsorship of the EMOP Award, which offers a platform to five pre-selected artists chosen from the pool of artists invited to the exhibitions of the EMOP network. By rewarding young laureates and participating in EMOP exhibitions, Arendt supports the art of photography and thus seeks to awaken curiosity and the willingness to exchange.

About the jury:
The jury is composed of five members from the curator’s board of the European Month of Photography network:
Paul di Felice (Luxembourg)
Verena Kaspar-Eisert (Vienna)
Bettina Leidl (Vienna)
Emmanuelle Halkin (Paris)
Rui Prata (Lisboa)