Arendt Award 2021

The EMOP Arendt Award 2021, endowed with 6,000 euros, was given to the Swedish artist duo Inka&Niklas in Luxembourg.  The works of Inka & Niclas as well as those of the other nominated artists, Vanja Bucan (Nova Goricia/Berlin), Maria Magdalena Ianchis (Cluj/Vienna), Anastasia Mityukova (Geneva) and Danila Tkachenko (Moscow) were part of the show at Arendt, the headquarters of law firm Arendt & Medernach and at other locations in the city in the framework of the Mois Européen de la Photographie Luxembourg. The works were also presented at the Festival Imago Lisboa in autumn 2021 and at FOTO WIEN in March 2022 in an exhibition at the festival headquarters.

The winners! Inka & Niclas in front of ther works at Arendt House, June 2021. Copyright – @arendt by Eric Chenal